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Stadler Form | Fred Humidifier, White

Stadler Form | Fred Humidifier, White

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As the outdoor temperature cools and we start heating our homes, indoor humidity drops. We, as well as our pets, plants, and furniture, suffer from this dry air. Fred Humidifier releases warm steam into the room, making the atmosphere comfortable again. The steam produced by Fred is pure, as it has been rid of bacteria through heating. Available in various colors, Fred fits into any room seamlessly.


Water is brought to its boiling point inside the device, creating purified water vapor. The steam spreads perfectly throughout the entire room, effectively adding moisture. This humidifier is ideal for allergy sufferers. Vaporizers are highly productive, and therefore, they should always be controlled with a humidity meter. As the heating element may accumulate limescale over time, descaling must be done regularly.

Benefits of optimally humidified air:

Your nose, eyes, and skin no longer feel dry. You feel comfortable at home.
The risk of catching a cold decreases. Influenza viruses survive for a shorter time in conditions with optimal humidity. Your mucous membranes are also less strained, reducing the risk of illness.
You and your family sleep better: Dry air is not good for anyone. You enjoy better and more restful sleep when humidity is optimal.
You can focus better: You feel more alert and can concentrate better.
Exposure to dust decreases: Especially those suffering from allergies can breathe more freely because moist air binds dust particles.
Furniture, wooden floors, and paintings last longer: Cracks and deformations are avoided.
Instruments stay in tune better: Pianos, guitars, and violins do not need tuning as often.
Dry indoor air is primarily a problem in winter when central heating is on. Indoor humidity often drops below 30%. Opening windows does not help, and often it makes the air even drier. When the outdoor temperature is around 0°C, it can only hold 4 grams of water per cubic meter. When the outdoor temperature is 20°C, the corresponding figure is 20 grams of water per cubic meter. If the relative humidity outside is 69%, it corresponds to only 18% relative humidity indoors. This humidity deficit can only be corrected by using a humidifier. The ideal humidity recommended by doctors is between 40-60%.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 150-300W
Automatic power-off when water is empty
Humidity output max 360 g/h
Water tank 3.6 l
Room size max 125 m³/50 m²
Dimensions (HxWxD): 267 mm x 363 mm x 363 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
Hygrostat (external)
Noise level 27-33 dB