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Philips | Hue Gradient Signe – Smart Floor Lamp, White

Philips | Hue Gradient Signe – Smart Floor Lamp, White

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Complement your home decor with the stylish white, color-changing Signe Gradient lamp. Its light delicately paints the walls with multiple colors, thanks to its unique color-changing technology.

The Philips Hue Gradient Signe series consists of sleek, uniquely futuristic lamps that create stunning lighting effects. With its narrow and elegant design, this white Signe floor lamp seamlessly blends into any home interior. The intelligent Gradient LED module is a multicolored light source that covers over 16 million colors, including dynamic multicolor lighting themes suitable for various situations. By directing the lamp’s LED module towards the wall, you can illuminate even large wall surfaces with stunning, bright color effects. For instance, you can place Signe lamps in room corners and synchronize them using the Hue Sync app, mirroring the colors of your computer monitor or TV. Signe changes the atmosphere of your living room or gaming area according to the content! Controlling the lamp is easy with smart devices using the Hue app or Hue accessories.

By adding the Hue Bridge (sold separately, product 277763), you can access all Philips Hue features. The Hue Bridge allows you to connect up to 50 smart lights for control within your home.

You can control the Hue Signe lamp in your home directly via Bluetooth without the Hue Bridge. There’s a dedicated Hue Bluetooth app available for Bluetooth control.

The Signe lamp is available in two colors and in two sizes: a shorter table lamp version and a longer floor lamp version.

Hue Features:

Bluetooth connectivity allows lamp control at home even without the Hue Bridge. With the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control all Hue smart lights in your home from one room. You can add up to 10 smart lights and control them conveniently with your mobile device’s buttons.
Philips Hue is based on Zigbee, a low-energy, safe, and reliable technology for light control. New features and enhancements are continually added to the system. Both the software and firmware can be easily updated wirelessly directly on your Hue device.
You can connect up to 50 bulbs or lamps to an existing Philips Hue Bridge.
These lamps and fixtures bring warm or cool white shades to your home. The lights can be adjusted from bright to dim to night light according to your needs.
You can control the lights from outside your home and add various tools like motion sensors and smart switches.
Highlight unique moments with vibrant lighting. Create suitable moods for every situation using dynamic lighting patterns.
Get a single lamp that seamlessly emits multiple compatible colors simultaneously. The colors blend naturally and reflect against the wall, creating a unique lighting effect.
You can use home lighting automation, such as scheduling routines.
Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant when used with compatible Google Nest or Amazon Echo devices. Convenient voice commands let you control multiple room lights or just a single lamp.
With internet connectivity, you can easily manage your home lighting using the app installed on your smartphone.
The Hue Sync Box and Hue Bridge can elevate your entertainment content to new dimensions. Surround yourself with Philips Hue lights and start your movies, music, or games to see how your lighting syncs with the rhythms and colors of your entertainment content.
To maximize the product’s capabilities, it’s recommended to purchase a separate Hue Bridge.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Aluminum
Color: White
Hue White & Color Ambiance, both white light tones and all colors available
Height: 145.8 cm
Length: 11.1 cm
Width: 11.1 cm
Net weight: 2.275 kg
Power supply: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Integrated LED (non-replaceable)
Included lamp power: 29 W
Luminous flux, 2,700 K: 1,800 lm
Luminous flux, 4,000 K: 2,550 lm
Lifespan up to: 25,000 hrs
IP rating: IP20, suitable for dry indoor locations
Dimmable with remote control: Yes
Can be connected to Philips Hue Bridge: Yes