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Moccamaster | Optio Coffee Maker, Rose Gold

Moccamaster | Optio Coffee Maker, Rose Gold

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The Moccamaster Optio Rose Gold is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Handmade in the Netherlands, this coffee maker brews hot, flavorful coffee. Regardless of the quantity, it brews delicious coffee and is an optimal choice even when you don’t want to brew a full pot. The brewing time of the Optio is determined by the amount of coffee you choose, resulting in consistently perfect-tasting coffee. The Optio coffee maker features a special function allowing you to choose whether to brew a full or half pot of coffee. Simply add water and coffee grounds, select the filter quantity for a full or half pot, and the coffee maker handles the rest.

The greatness of this coffee maker lies in its two separate heating elements. One element prepares coffee at the optimal filtration temperature of 92-96°C, while the other maintains the coffee at an ideal temperature of 80-85°C until it’s ready to be enjoyed. Additionally, the Moccamaster Optio includes an automatic drip-stop that halts the coffee flow from the filter funnel when you remove the glass carafe, ensuring a clean and mess-free coffee brewing experience. The machine also features a descaling alert light. If the light comes on, it signals that the coffee maker needs to be cleaned with descaling solution. The Moccamaster Optio Rose Gold is a stylish coffee maker in a beautiful rose gold color, serving as a visually appealing element in your kitchen.

It’s a fast and quiet machine, brewing 10 cups of coffee, totaling 1.25 liters. Equipped with a stirring aroma lid, it has a maximum power connection of 1520W and an automatic shut-off for safety. The Moccamaster Optio coffee maker is ECBC certified.

The dimensions of the device are: 320 x 170 x 355 cm