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Havu | Kielo – Women’s Wristwatch, 32 mm & Wooden Earrings – Lähde & Wood bow tie – Curly Birch, White

Havu | Kielo – Women’s Wristwatch, 32 mm & Wooden Earrings – Lähde & Wood bow tie – Curly Birch, White

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Time Looks Good

Kielo is the answer to your wishes. For a long time, there has been a demand from Havu for a delicate, striking, and stylish women’s wristwatch. So it’s time to look good!

Finnish Design, Swiss Movement – Only the Best Parts

Kielo is a masterpiece of Finnish design. The watch is made from Finnish birch wood and only the highest quality parts are used. The curves of Havu on the watch face bring a modern touch to this otherwise classically designed women’s watch. Kielo features a precise Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement. The initial parts of the bracelet are metal, so the watch withstands daily wear exceptionally well.

Innovative Wristwatch – Optimal User Experience

Even the back of Kielo is wood, so you’ll feel the gentle touch of wood against your wrist instead of metal. Wood doesn’t sweat in the summer or chill in the winter.

Finnish Brand

HAVU is a Finnish brand from Oulu and is wholly owned by a Finnish family business. HAVU has been introduced to the market to combine style, attitude, and comfort in the same watch.


Case Diameter: 32 mm Case Thickness: 7 mm Glass: Scratch-resistant sapphire glass Dial Color: White Movement Model: Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement Water Resistance: 5 ATM Strap Width: 16 mm Strap Material: Finnish birch wood Strap Length: Easily adjustable, 185 mm. Includes a tool for shortening in the package.


Wooden earrings crown the outfit. Lähde is a striking earring. With these, you’re sure to stand out for your benefit.

High-Quality Sterling Silver as Jewelry Material

The metal parts of the jewelry are made of sterling silver, which contains 92.5% silver. Pure silver is too soft for making jewelry, so sterling silver contains 7.5% copper to ensure the hardness of the parts. This way, the jewelry lasts over time and use.

Finnish Birch Plywood as Wood Material

The jewelry is made from responsibly manufactured Finnish birch plywood. Birch plywood is made from birch grown in Finland. We use only the best raw materials in our jewelry, so we can guarantee you high-quality domestic products.

Wooden Earrings Made in Finland

These wooden earrings made in Finland are sure to delight. We have tested the durability of our products and stand strongly behind them.

Finnish Design – Naturally Familiar Havu Expertise

If you’re looking for stylish yet unique jewelry, you’re not alone. Havu has been designed with a customer-centric approach, taking into account style and comfort.

Ecological and Sustainable Choice

As we’ve mentioned before, wood is today’s choice, precisely because of its ecological value. Properly treated wood also withstands time and use.

Wooden Bow Tie Set:

Wood Material: Finnish Birch Plywood Wood Color: Light Textile Color: White Width: 11.9 cm Height from the Highest Point: 4.8 cm Height from the Lowest Point: 2 cm Bow Tie Thickness: 0.5 cm