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Aarni | Blues Wooden Sunglasses, Rosewood

Aarni | Blues Wooden Sunglasses, Rosewood

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Aarni Blues wooden sunglasses are timeless classics, endorsed by the brilliance of the design acknowledged even by the Blues Brothers, and they are perfect for both summer parties and boating. The frames are crafted from laminated rosewood veneers, creating an exceptionally durable and lightweight structure. The Aarni Carbon Core™ carbon fiber core ensures genuine durability without compromising the feel and lightness of wood. The carbon fiber layer is laminated between the wood veneers, creating a sunglasses structure that is very strong and rigid. Equipped with dark grey lenses, this model is suitable for every occasion.

The lenses are made from optically high-quality polycarbonate, providing 100% protection for your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are lightweight and up to 10 times more resistant to impacts and scratches than traditional plastic or glass lenses.

All Aarni sunglasses come with a microfiber cloth and a case made of cork. The case has a suede interior that treats the glasses gently. The case can be folded for easy storage in your pocket when not in use.

Please note that wood is a natural material, so the pattern and shade are unique in each product.


Dark grey polarized polycarbonate lenses
100% UVA and UVB protection
Possibility to have prescription lenses made by an optician
Wood material: Rosewood
Carbon Core™ – Carbon fiber core between wood veneers
Hinges: Sprung metal hinges
Width: 144 mm
Height: 48 mm
Temple length: 139 mm
Included: sunglasses, microfiber cloth, storage case