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Wilfa | Cha TM1-1500S Kettle/Tea Maker

Wilfa | Cha TM1-1500S Kettle/Tea Maker

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Wilfa CHA Tea Time is the perfect kettle for enthusiasts of the diverse world of tea, whether you are a seasoned tea connoisseur or a newcomer!

Wilfa CHA brings out the best flavors of tea with its various temperature settings, making the preparation of the perfect cup of tea effortless with its user-friendly interface. The kettle features a 1.25-liter glass jug and two lids: a tea strainer for tea preparation and a lid for boiling water. With the keep-warm function of the kettle, you can keep your brewed tea perfect for a more extended period.

With Wilfa CHA, you can create an immersive Afternoon Tea moment for your friends, savoring different tea varieties and enjoying their diverse flavors, aromas, and scents with suitable accompaniments.

The diverse flavors and aromas of tea are best brought out when it is brewed at the right temperature and steeped for the right amount of time. Tea boiled at too high a temperature can impart a bitter taste, and simultaneously, the beneficial components of the tea may be destroyed. For instance, green and white tea should be steeped at lower temperatures, while black tea can be steeped in boiling water.

With Wilfa CHA, you easily harness the best aspects of tea, and it’s also convenient.

Instructions for Effortless Tea Preparation:

Choose your favorite tea.
Measure an appropriate amount of tea into the tea strainer.
Select the suitable temperature for your chosen tea. In Wilfa CHA, tea types are indicated on the temperature buttons.
70 °C Green tea
80 °C White tea
90 °C Oolong / black tea
100 °C Black tea
Wait for the tea to brew, remove the strainer, place the serving lid on the kettle, serve – and enjoy.
After making tea, the jug can be easily lifted from its base. The appliance is made from durable steel, and the glass body beautifully showcases the color of the perfectly brewed tea.

Wilfa guarantees the quality of the kettle with a 5-year warranty.

Technical Specifications:

Volume 1.25 l
Two lids
Tea strainer
Jug made of steel and glass
Cordless jug
Keep-warm function
Boil-dry protection
Power cord length: 75 cm
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 245 x 160 x 195
5-year warranty