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Rentouttava Laine | Indian Head Massage + Neurosonic Short Program

Rentouttava Laine | Indian Head Massage + Neurosonic Short Program

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Content and duration: Indian Head Massage (40 min) + Neurosonic Short Program (25 min)

Indian head massage focuses on the hair and scalp, with additional attention to the face, ears, shoulders, and neck. It involves a series of massage techniques that effectively and gently treat the shoulders, neck, and scalp. This relaxing treatment provides a sense of well-being and is performed without oil.

Indian head massage helps to relax the head and promotes a feeling of tranquility and serenity. It also enhances the well-being of the hair and scalp, and may improve the quality of sleep.

The Finnish Neurosonic technology is based on relaxation produced by vibrations. The frequency range of the vibrations is designed to stimulate the body’s natural response and release neurological stress. Over time, we have lost our natural ability to shake or tremble stress out of our bodies. Neurosonic was developed for this very purpose: to produce the same liberating effect on the nervous system. Neurosonic affects the body through the sense of touch, providing a relaxing, recharging, or refreshing moment.

Rentouttava Laine is located in the center of Oulu at Kajaaninkatu 34, 90100 Oulu.

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