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Philips | Hue Starter kit – package, White, E27

Philips | Hue Starter kit – package, White, E27

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Forget about complicated setups—HUE makes lighting easy and fun! Download the app on your Android or Apple mobile device, and you can control the lighting from your phone or tablet. Installation is as simple as installing the app on your smartphone and changing the light bulb. The Philips Hue White bulb emits a soft 2700 Kelvin light, and its brightness can be adjusted using either the Hue Dimmer Switch remote or the Hue app on your smart device. Hue bulbs also function just like regular bulbs from light switches. This bulb is a great choice for places where light color change isn’t necessary. For remote control of lights outside your home, you’ll need the Hue Bridge lighting network router.

Bluetooth control has its own Hue Bluetooth app*).

The Hue White Starter Kit includes three E27 base Hue bulbs, the Hue Bridge for remote control of the Hue system, and a wireless dimmer switch.

HUE Bluetooth features:

Connect up to 10 bulbs to the app on your smart device, such as your phone or tablet
Quickly control lights with the app without requiring a network connection
Access a wide variety of preset lighting scenes immediately
Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters in an open space
Voice control directly with, for instance, Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Easily start with Hue smart products and later expand the product family with the Hue Bridge
Features brought by the Hue Bridge include:

Control outside the home with the Hue Bridge
Apple HomeKit compatible via the Hue Bridge
Manage lighting with the app, voice, or separately sold Hue Dimmer Switch or Hue Tap switch
Compatible voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit (via Hue Bridge), Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana (via Hue Bridge)
Sync lights with music and movies
Adjust white light from warm candlelight to bright white light
Store and use favorite light scenes by room and time of day
Enhance security and peace of mind with remote light control and monitoring
Use timers to facilitate daily routines
Use light to aid waking up or falling asleep
Easily add the Bridge later if you want more features in addition to Bluetooth
Technical specifications:

Lamp base: E27
Maximum power consumption: 9W
Luminous flux: 806 lm
Color temperature: 2700K (warm white)
Lamp length: 110 mm, width: 62 mm
Instant full light output
Operating temperature: -10…+45 °C
ZigBee LightLink
Upgradeable software
Bluetooth compatible
Dimmable only with a smart device or Hue additional device, not suitable for traditional wall dimmers
Use with the free Android or iOS app
*) With the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control a maximum of 10 bulbs. The Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters. The Bluetooth app also includes a wide selection of preset lighting scenes for relaxation, reading, and celebrations.