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Oral-B | iO Series 5s Electric Toothbrush, Black

Oral-B | iO Series 5s Electric Toothbrush, Black

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The iO 5 electric toothbrush utilizes Oral-B’s best technology, combining micro-vibrating bristles with a dentist-inspired round brush head. This provides you with a professional clean feeling at home. The intelligent pressure sensor helps you brush with the right pressure, not too hard or too gently, to better protect your gums. AI-assisted brushing recognition identifies your brushing style and guides you to brush better every day. Connect to the Oral-B app, which tracks your brushing and provides real-time guidance for all six zones of your mouth. Replace the Oral-B iO brush head every three months to maintain the best cleaning performance.

Oral-B’s superior cleanliness and groundbreaking iO technology deliver a professional clean feeling and a gentle brushing experience.
Oral-B’s unique round brush head combines with gentle micro-vibrations. Your mouth feels fresh and clean, and you get 100% healthier gums in just one week compared to a regular manual toothbrush.
AI recognizes your brushing style and guides you to brush all your teeth, ensuring that no area is missed.
The smart pressure sensor changes color to red, white, or green based on whether you’re brushing too hard, too gently, or just right.
With five brushing modes, you’ll always find the right function: Daily Clean, Intense Clean, Whitening, Gentle, Extra Gentle.
Contents: 1 iO5 handle, 1 brush head, 1 travel case, 1 charger, 1 brush head holder.