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Oclean | X Pro Digital Set -electric toothbrush, silver

Oclean | X Pro Digital Set -electric toothbrush, silver

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Discover a whole new level of dental hygiene with the Oclean X Pro Digital electric toothbrush! This state-of-the-art toothbrush offers innovative features and the excellent cleaning power of the Maglev motor, leaving your smile radiant. The Maglev motor enables excellent oral care and plaque removal even in hard-to-reach areas. The Oclean X Pro Digital is designed to provide you with a unique brushing experience. Its advanced smart technology combined with sleek design makes it the perfect choice for modern dental hygiene enthusiasts.

Here are a few reasons why the Oclean X Pro Digital is the perfect choice for you:

AI Technology: The toothbrush’s built-in artificial intelligence recognizes and analyzes your brushing habits in real-time. It provides a personalized cleaning program tailored to your needs, ensuring you always get optimal cleaning results. Vibration Detection: The built-in vibration sensors of the Oclean X Pro Digital monitor your brushing technique and provide real-time feedback. You can view your brushing data through the smartphone app and further improve your brushing skills. Intuitive Touch Screen: The touch screen on the front of the Oclean X Pro Digital makes using the toothbrush effortless. You can easily select different brushing modes, adjust intensity, and track your brushing data. Long-lasting Battery: This toothbrush is equipped with a powerful battery that offers long usage time on a single charge. You can travel worry-free, knowing that your toothbrush will last a long time without charging. Sleek Design: The minimalist and stylish design of the Oclean X Pro Digital makes it stand out. High-quality materials and carefully designed details make this toothbrush a real eye-catcher in your bathroom. Technical Specifications:

84,000 movements per minute Maglev motor Dupont Diamond bristles Battery life of up to 30 days Full charge in two hours. IPX7 waterproof rating Three cleaning modes: morning, evening, or personalized program. The suitable cleaning mode is always available regardless of the condition of your teeth and gums. Magnetic Wall Mount: The magnetic USB charging dock and holder allow for easy charging and save space. Oclean+ Mobile App: The app can create customized brushing plans. Package Contents: 1 x Oclean X PRO Digital electric toothbrush, 4 x brush heads, 1 x travel case, 1 x wireless charging dock, 1 x USB cable, 1 x user manual