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North Ray | PAISTE clip-on lens (day lens)

North Ray | PAISTE clip-on lens (day lens)

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Clip-on lenses are not a barrier to enjoying the various benefits of yellow lenses! Our Paiste clip-on lens is a durable and lightweight solution to be placed over your own glasses to brighten your view and prevent the harmful effects of blue light.

  • high-quality metal parts
  • durable lenses compatible with many different glasses
  • blocks 84% of harmful blue light
  • excellent for use in office and study environments to avoid eye strain and headaches
  • great for driving, boating, and riding motorcycles
  • enhances contrast, clarifies vision, and improves depth perception
  • the world looks brighter and more positive
  • 100% UV protection

The Paiste clip-on lens has a lighter attachment mechanism than the Pouta clip-on lens. The Pouta clip-on lens has a more versatile mechanism. The Pouta lens can be temporarily lifted from the surface of the glasses without completely removing the clip-on lenses.

User feedback:

“My world became wonderfully colorful when I started using clip-on lenses over my prescription glasses. During the day, I use the yellow ones when working on the computer or scrolling through social media. My eyes don’t get tired at all! In the evenings, I clip on the orange lenses when watching TV, reading, or knitting. What a beautiful and warm hue ūüß°ūüíõ My sleep has improved significantly since I started using the lenses ūü§©”