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North Ray | KIDE Day Glasses Clear

North Ray | KIDE Day Glasses Clear

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North Ray | KIDE Glasses Clear

The classically beautiful KIDE glasses are the choice of every style-conscious individual. The metallic details add a pleasant touch to the glossy transparent frame. Well-shaped glasses ensure excellent fit and comfort. CR-39 material lenses provide the best possible optical quality and precise vision through the lenses. The lenses are lightweight yet durable. The yellow lens filters out nearly 90% of all harmful blue light. The yellow lens brings sparkle and joy to your everyday life by transforming the gray and colorless landscape into a lively one. The lenses also function as sunglasses with 100% UV400 protection. Yellow lenses enhance contrast and work excellently for driving and cycling, among other activities. The frames are made of Swiss top technology material. The TR-90 material frames are durable, lightweight, and flexible. The frames withstand light bending and shaping when heated.

User Reviews:

“These glasses are like a hug for my eyes! They really help reduce eye fatigue and strain when I’m working a lot on the computer or phone. Even the bright spring sun feels a bit more forgiving on the eyes through these ☀️”

“The glasses have brought relief to working on the computer, which I didn’t even realize I needed before. I sometimes work long days at the computer, and wearing these glasses significantly reduces the strain felt in the head area. I hadn’t paid attention to the overall feeling after a workday, which was in my head and mind. After starting to use the glasses, I noticed a different clarity and lightness in the head area during and after the workday.”