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Mustang | Kymi Gas Smoker

Mustang | Kymi Gas Smoker

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A powerful gas smoker boasting a large smoking area. Equipped with a 4.4 kW stainless steel burner, it ensures consistent heat and smoke production within the smoker. It features four chrome-plated smoking grids, each measuring 34 x 35 cm. Additionally, there are hanging hooks on the smoker’s roof, allowing whole fish to hang inside the smoker. Below the grids, there’s an enamel-coated liquid/fat tray. Smoking chips are placed in the enamel chip box. The chip box and burner have their own compartment, which can be accessed during smoking without affecting the temperature in the actual smoking chamber. Sturdy carrying handles facilitate easy movement of the smoker. The smoke volume within the smoker can be regulated using the damper in the chimney. The temperature inside the smoker can be monitored using the built-in thermometer.


4.4 kW burner
Piezo ignition
Width: 64 cm, Length: 50 cm, Height: 110 cm
Four chrome-plated grids: 34 x 35 cm each
Enamel-coated smoking chip box, water tray, and fat collection tray