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Moonie | Humming Bear, Rose

Moonie | Humming Bear, Rose

Moonie the Humming Bear is a sweet and soft cuddle buddy for your baby. The humming bear plays natural sounds to calm down your baby and help them to fall asleep. You can choose from 5 natural soothing sounds. One of the soothing sounds is pink noise, which reminds the baby about all the familiar sounds while they were in mommy’s womb, including a heartbeat.

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Moonie Uninalle is a sweetly soft sleeping companion for your baby that plays different sounds recorded from nature to soothe your baby to sleep. Pink noise is played for Unina, which reminds the baby of the sounds heard in the mother’s womb, right down to the heartbeat. Other sounds recorded from nature include the soothing sound of sea waves, which was recorded from our very own Baltic Sea. The cot has a cry sensor that starts playing the sound again and turns the night light on again if your little one wakes up in the middle of their sleep. Noises will calm your little one and help them fall asleep again. Unina is made of GOTS-certified cotton, which is gentle and soft against your little one’s skin. The teddy bear also has a night light that sweetly reflects the light from the bear’s belly. However, Teddy’s stomach does not get hot, because the night light is a safe LED lamp. You can choose the right light for your little one from 5 different color settings.