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Linari | Fenice Diffuser Room Fragrance 500 ML

Linari | Fenice Diffuser Room Fragrance 500 ML

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Immerse yourself in the world of Linari’s Fenice room fragrance, where the sweet scents of flowers blend with the freshness of oranges and the softness of musk. The Fenice room fragrance offers a clean and neutral olfactory experience reminiscent of freshly laundered linen. This fragrance is one of Linari’s most popular room fragrances.

Included with the product are black wooden sticks that allow you to adjust the fragrance intensity in your room. The fragrance lingers in the air for 12-24 months, depending on the room’s ventilation and the number of sticks used. The Fenice room fragrance is part of Linari’s Diamond Collection.

Key Features:

Long-lasting fragrance experience
500 ml bottle
Let your room be filled with the sophisticated scent nuances of Fenice room fragrance and enjoy a fresh atmosphere!