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Iittala | Aalto Vase, 120 mm, Clear

Iittala | Aalto Vase, 120 mm, Clear

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he uniquely undulating form created by Alvar Aalto has become one of the classics of modern Nordic design after Aalto’s victory in a design competition related to the 1937 Paris World Exposition. Inspired by the thousands of lakes in Finland, the Aalto Vase combines form and function into a harmonious whole. Each glass vase is individually crafted at the Iittala glassworks in a multi-stage manufacturing process. The glass vase begins with mouth-blowing, after which it is manually cut from the glass mass and ground into its final form. Made from clear glass, this versatile vase complements various interior styles. The modern glass vase beautifully showcases floral arrangements.

An enduring gift that stands the test of time.

Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size: 12 cm

Born in Kuortane, Finland, in 1898, Alvar Aalto established his name as a master of modern architecture with his distinctive style and exceptional talent.