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EVI | Foldable Solar Panel fold compact, 10 W

EVI | Foldable Solar Panel fold compact, 10 W

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EVI Fold Compact solar panels provide additional power right where it’s needed. Have you ever sat on the sidelines of a soccer field, capturing your child’s highlights while your battery flashes red? Or perhaps you’ve been hiking and your backup power source has run out. Not to worry, EVI Fold Compact is designed to meet these exact needs.

Lightweight and foldable, the EVI Fold Compact is an effortless source of additional power anywhere you go. Due to its small size, the solar panel fits perfectly into, for example, the laptop pocket of your backpack and adds hardly any extra weight, weighing only 300 grams. You can charge your phone, tablet, GPS device, or backup power source with the panel. The solar panel is weather-resistant, making it the perfect travel companion for both camping trips and cottages, and the carabiner hooks included with the panel make attachment incredibly easy and quick.

The nominal power of the panel is 10 W, and the actual power depends on the amount of sunlight available. To optimize the charging power, aim the panel directly at the sun. The panel features a USB-A port for charging mobile devices.

Please note, while the solar panel structure is weather-resistant, the connector box cannot withstand moisture or water and must always be protected from impurities as well.


Foldable design – easy to carry and store Weather-resistant construction USB port for mobile devices Lightweight Includes 2 carabiner hooks for attaching and carrying the panel Technical Specifications:

Cell type: single crystal (monocrystalline) Nominal power: 10 W Open circuit voltage: 6.6 V (Vmp 5.5 V) Short circuit current: 1.9 A (Imp 1.8 A) USB-A: Output: 5 V DC 2 A Dimensions when folded: 193 x 224 x 17 mm Dimensions when unfolded: 393 x 224 x 3 mm Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C Weight: 300 g