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Dog School | Online Course

Dog School | Online Course

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Dog School Skillful Paws offers versatile online courses ranging from individual tricks to more demanding behavior courses.

The courses include clear video and text instructions, allowing you to practice step by step new skills with your dog. The courses take into account the different ways dogs learn, and they progress in small increments. Training is thus enjoyable and easy for the owner too!

The course materials are available for one year from the date of course redemption.

What does the experience gift include? Passing Skills Online Course Do you want calm and confident passes around different distractions? Is your dog unable to pass other dogs/people/cars, etc., without reacting to them? In this course, we practice passes through voluntary abandonment. An effective and completely natural way for dogs to behave during passes. Your dog will learn to stop staring at other dogs on its own. At the same time, you’ll effectively reinforce, for example, giving up treats on the ground (initial exercise). Your relationship improves as you teach your dog a stress-free way to pass by. Your dog’s trust in you increases as it realizes you won’t let anything happen to it in situations. The training is divided into several stages to help you succeed with your dog. Practice whenever it suits you. Access the material for one year from purchase. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog and knows how to behave in various everyday situations. The wise saying “Don’t assume, but teach” holds true, as does “You get what you reinforce”.