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Big Green Egg | charcoal grill, medium

The Big Green Egg charcoal grill traces its origins back to the Asian clay oven, known as the kamado. This charcoal grill utilizes ceramic technology developed by NASA, making it unparalleled in the world of ceramics. Its unique construction and manufacturing method ensure a long lifespan, surpassing the durability of other similar products. This charcoal grill is sturdy and robust, enduring year-round weather and maintaining thermal insulation that can be reused without compromising quality. External temperature has no effect on the internal temperature of the charcoal grill, allowing you to grill, roast, smoke, and toast food evenly and efficiently.

Key Features

Due to its universal size, it is suitable for various locations. The medium model can also be used as an oven with the ConvEGGtor (intermediate shelf). Ideal for cooking at low temperatures. Grilling area: 38 cm in diameter. Grilling surface area: 1140 cm². Grill grate capacity: approximately 8 hamburgers at once. The design and materials allow for a continuous airflow through the device. Cooking temperature can be adjusted according to cooking requirements. Temperature and smoke volume adjustment is easy with bottom and top vents. Heat has a special effect on the taste of food, regardless of how it is prepared. Even cooking and efficient burning of charcoal. External temperature has no effect on the internal temperature of the charcoal grill. Temperature can be adjusted with one-degree precision between 70 and 350 degrees Celsius.


High-quality and unique ceramics that provide excellent thermal insulation and heat conduction. The grill grate is made of stainless steel. The charcoal grill is manufactured in Mexico. The charcoal grill has an ISO9001 certification, ensuring high quality. The charcoal grill includes

A newly redesigned cast iron top vent that also acts as a damper to extinguish embers. A ceramic lid and chimney that can be opened and closed easily with a spring mechanism. A fire ring to be installed on top of the firebox for the placement of the ConvEGGtor and grates. A draft door and a dual-function cast iron chimney regulate airflow and maintain temperature. A thermometer monitors the internal temperature. The grill grate serves as the primary cooking surface. The grate is located in the ceramic firebox, allowing air to flow through the charcoal grill and ashes to fall down. The grate’s holes allow airflow through the charcoal grill and ashes to fall down. The grate connects to the air vents at the bottom of the charcoal grill. The ceramic firebox has continuous and optimal airflow when the chimney and draft door are open.

Technical Specifications and Dimensions

External dimensions (H x W x D): 72 x 46.5 x 46.5 cm. Total weight: 51 kg. Grill grate diameter: 38 cm. Height: 72 cm. Fuel: hardwood charcoal.