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Wilfa | Nature HU-400WW – Ultrasonic Air Humidifier 💨🍀

Wilfa | Nature HU-400WW – Ultrasonic Air Humidifier 💨🍀

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The stylish and compact Wilfa Nature HU-400WW produces 300 ml of cold steam per hour and is perfect for rooms up to 40 m². This ultrasonic device generates cold steam that easily spreads into the room’s air. Maintaining the right indoor humidity is essential for health, comfort, and the environment. Especially during the heating season, it’s important to monitor indoor humidity levels. Proper humidity is beneficial for your health and helps with the well-being of your skin and nails, which can easily dry out during the winter. Dry indoor air can also affect the functioning of respiratory mucous membranes, potentially disrupting a good night’s sleep. Therefore, a quiet ultrasonic air humidifier is an excellent choice for, say, a bedroom to add moisture to the air during the night.

It’s recommended to place this humidifier at a height of about one meter above the floor, such as on a nightstand. The Wilfa Nature is quiet, easy to use, and maintain. It features three steam levels to achieve the desired humidity in your space. Adding water from the top makes it convenient to use. The recommended installation height is approximately 1 meter above the floor. The maximum capacity of the device is around a 20 m² room, but to maintain the desired humidity balance, factors like mechanical ventilation, room shape, and height should be considered. The unit comes with a ceramic water filter that removes impurities like calcium from the water. The filter can be cleaned by the user and needs replacement every 6-12 months, depending on usage.

Power: 20 Watts 4-liter water tank Cold steam Top fill Adjustable humidity level Indicator light for empty water tank Aromatherapy function: fragrance compartment and pad Recommended room size: max. 40 m² Steam capacity: 300 ml/hour Over 13 hours of runtime with a full water tank 5-year warranty