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Tractive | GPS Dog XL – Dog GPS Tracker 🐕

Tractive | GPS Dog XL – Dog GPS Tracker 🐕

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The Tractive GPS Dog XL is an excellent accessory for dog owners. With it, you can track your dog’s whereabouts and see the route they’ve taken. The XL model features a larger battery compared to the LTE model, providing up to triple the battery life.

The Tractive Dog GPS Tracker shows you your dog’s real-time location, which you can view on a map using either a smartphone application or your computer’s web browser. Tractive also features a virtual fence function. You can set up a safe area for your dog to roam within. If your dog leaves or enters this area, you’ll receive an immediate alert on your phone. The tracker is waterproof, lightweight, nearly indestructible, and fits on almost any dog collar.

The tracker’s built-in GPS uses mobile networks to function, but you don’t need a separate SIM card as Tractive has agreements with mobile operators. You can access the service with an affordable monthly fee (pricing available) and can cancel it at any time. The device should be activated online after purchase:


Real-time dog tracking Measurement of your dog’s activity (how much your dog moves during the day) Location history, allowing you to see where your dog has been Virtual fence: receive immediate notifications if your dog enters or leaves a specified safe zone 100% waterproof (IPX7) and shockproof Signal strength depends on mobile network coverage, and the device selects the best network available Free Tractive GPS app (works on Android or Apple iOS mobile devices) Operates in over 150 countries Sharing: you can share the tracking with your loved ones Included in the package: Tractive GPS DOG XL tracker, USB charging cable, rubber collar mount, user manual. Recommended for dogs weighing over 18 kg Technical specifications:

Battery life up to 3 weeks depending on network coverage and usage (the app notifies you of the battery status) Charging time: approx. 5 hours Collar width: up to 4 cm Connections: GPS, LTE/4G Dimensions: 89 x 51 x 24 mm Weight: 90 g App requires Android version 7.0 (or newer) or Apple iOS 11 (or newer) Also works through a computer browser 12-month warranty Service fees from October 1, 2022:


Includes: unlimited GPS tracking + live tracking, activity, and sleep 1 month: 15 euros 1 year: 84 euros (7 € / month, billed annually) 2 years: 120 euros (5 € / month, billed every two years) TRACTIVE PREMIUM:

Includes: unlimited GPS tracking + live tracking, activity and sleep, family sharing, worldwide coverage, 365 days of location history, GPS data export 1 year: 96 euros (8 € / month, billed annually) 2 years: 144 euros (6 € / month, billed every two years) 5 years: 300 euros (5 € / month, billed every five years)