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Ströme | JC-98 Wine Cooler

Ströme | JC-98 Wine Cooler

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The Ströme JC-98 is an elegant single-zone wine cooler that accommodates 32 wine bottles. The bottles are easily placed on stylish and sturdy wooden shelves. The temperature can be adjusted between 5-18°C using the clear control panel located at the top of the door, allowing versatile use of the wine cooler to set the ideal temperature for serving wines. The wine cooler features ambient, soft white interior lighting.

Recommended serving temperatures for wines:

Red wines: usually 16-18°C and fresh: 14-16°C
Rosé and white wines: dry/off-dry 10–12°C and sweet/sweeter 8–10°C
Sparkling wines: 6–8°C
Technical specifications:

Energy class: G
Energy consumption: 151 kWh / year
Capacity: 32 bottles (92 liters)
Noise level: 41 dB
Temperature range: 5-18°C
Touch controls (blue backlight)
LED interior lighting
Climate class: N
Wooden shelves
Glass door
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 848 x 495 x 430
Weight: 27 kg

The bottle capacity of all wine coolers is calculated based on the standard Bordeaux bottle.