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Remington | H9100 PROluxe -Heated Rollers

Remington | H9100 PROluxe -Heated Rollers

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Achieve professional, long-lasting curls and voluminous hair with Remington PROLuxe Heated Rollers. The OPTI heat technology heats the roller and the securing clip — your style lasts up to 24 hours! PROLuxe Heated Rollers shape long-lasting curls in just 5 minutes. The package includes 20 velvet-coated rollers in 2 different sizes. Thanks to the advanced Grip Tech coating, the roller doesn’t slide in your hair. The innovative design of the clips prevents imprints on the hair. The rollers have cool tips for easy handling, and they heat up in 90 seconds.

Professional, durable results — laboratory tests have proven that the hairstyle lasts up to 24 hours.
OPTI heat technology heats the roller and the securing clip.
Shapes long-lasting curls in 5 minutes.
Advanced Grip Tech surface prevents the roller from sliding in the hair.
Innovative clip design prevents imprints and keeps the hair around the roller.
Cord storage space.
20 velvet-coated rollers: 8 pieces of 25 mm rollers, 12 pieces of 32 mm rollers.
Heats up in 90 seconds.
Indicator light.
Cool tips on the heated rollers.