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Oclean | X10 Electric Toothbrush, Blue

Oclean | X10 Electric Toothbrush, Blue

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The Oclean X10 is an intelligent Sonic electric toothbrush with a color display that shows brushing data and missed areas, based on which it automatically creates a brushing plan when needed. It features five different modes and intensities for various oral care needs and a powerful 40,000 rpm Maglev motor that efficiently cleans between teeth, hard-to-reach areas, and the gumline. Visual feedback/smiley faces after brushing, a smart timer, and QuadPacer function ensure precise cleaning.

Smart Technology – The advanced technology used in the smart Oclean X10 electric toothbrush provides feedback with smiley faces to indicate how well brushing went and automatically generates a brushing plan if needed. It offers a unique interactive and intelligent oral care experience.
Cleaning Power – This rechargeable toothbrush boasts a highly efficient and advanced Maglev motor with a micro-vibration speed of 40,000 times per minute. High-quality DupontTM bristles and a separate tongue cleaner provide a healthier and more hygienic brushing experience.
Personalized Brushing Settings and Five Different Brushing Modes: Clean, Massage, Sensitive, Whitening, and Polish. Each mode also has five different intensities, allowing customization to meet your specific needs. The brush effectively removes food debris and stains, deep cleans the gumline and teeth, and brightens your smile.
Quiet Brushing – Thanks to Oclean’s patented WhisperClean technology, the brushing sound is only 45 dB. It features a dentist-approved two-minute smart timer and a reminder function that prompts you to move to the next area after 30 seconds.
Long Battery Life – After a three-hour charge, the battery lasts up to 60 days (based on two brushing sessions in default mode). The Oclean X10 includes a magnetic wall mount to keep your toothbrush tidy. Its aesthetic and ergonomic design, along with its powerful features, make it an ideal choice for engaging, interactive, and intelligent oral care. Perfect as a gift for family members or friends.
USB Charging. Cable included, charger sold separately.