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KitchenAid | 5KES6503EAC – Espresso Maker, Almond Cream

KitchenAid | 5KES6503EAC – Espresso Maker, Almond Cream

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The KitchenAid 5KES6503 is a high-quality espresso machine that maintains the optimal temperature during brewing and provides an easier way to tamp coffee. The result is a rich espresso tailored to your taste!

Intelligent temperature sensors ensure the perfect brewing temperature every time. Pre-infusion at low pressure and an Italian 15-bar pump deliver a full coffee experience. The PID temperature controller keeps the temperature just right, and the steam wand dispenses the right amount of water. Its beautiful, timeless, and compact design fits into any home decor!

Key Features:

Two intelligent temperature sensors: Perfect brewing temperature every time.
High-quality flat-bottomed Portafilter filter holder with a diameter of 58 mm and two embedded spouts: The temperature stays optimal during brewing, and tamping is easier and more stable. You can brew one or two espressos at a time.
Pre-infusion at low pressure and an Italian 15-bar pump: Add water slowly and evenly to the coffee powder. The result is a rich espresso.
Quick heating with thermocoil technology: Water is heated to the right brewing temperature in less than 45 seconds.
PID temperature controller: Keeps the temperature just right for making espresso.
Dose selector: Easily brew one or two espressos at a time. Program your desired dose size.
Steam wand produces steam or dispenses hot water: Create rich foam or warm milk for cappuccinos or lattes or even hot water for Americanos or tea.
Stylish and compact device with a metal casing: Durable and robust. Suitable for kitchen countertops and home decor.
Use with KitchenAid coffee grinder: Choose the grind size according to your taste — from authentic-tasting espresso to coarse French press coffee for freshly ground coffee. Coffee grinder sold separately.
Included Accessories:

1.4-liter water tank with handle and lid: Fill with tap water. Distilled water or mineral water can damage the espresso machine. Do not use either for making espresso.
Flat-bottomed Portafilter filter holder made of stainless steel with a diameter of 58 mm and two embedded spouts and ABS handle: The embedded spouts make the filter holder base smoother, making it easier and more stable to tamp than regular home espresso machine Portafilter filter holders. A 58 mm diameter helps maintain the right temperature during brewing. Not dishwasher safe.
Stainless steel flat-bottomed tamper: For pressing ground coffee. Not dishwasher safe.
Filter baskets: Single and double-wall filter baskets for two and one dose. Double-wall pressurized filter baskets reduce quality variations in extraction. A good choice for novice baristas. Not dishwasher safe.
Steam wand with a stainless steel tube and a rubber handle for movement: The versatile steam wand produces rich foam or warm milk for cappuccinos or lattes or even hot water for Americano coffee, cocoa, or tea. It can also be used for dispensing hot water for preheating cups.
350 ml milk jug: Submerge the steam wand tip just under the surface of the milk for frothing.
Drip tray with a stainless steel drip tray and a drip tray empty indicator: The removable drip tray with an empty indicator is easy to clean. When the drip tray indicator rises above the surface of the drip tray grid, empty the drip tray and rinse it with warm water. Not dishwasher safe.
Functions: 5 buttons:

On the front of the machine: mode (espresso – hot water – steam) – espresso dose (1 or 2 doses) – cleaning – start/cancel.
On the back of the machine: start/stop, Heating time: 45 seconds.
Technical Specifications:

Power: 1,470 W
Body material: Metal casing
Pressure: 15-bar pump
Detachable water tank capacity: 1.4 liters
Product dimensions (H × W × D): 41.5 × 39.6 × 24.8 cm
Weight: 5.55 kg
Cord length: 99 cm