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iRobot | Roomba Combo i5 -Robot Vacuum

iRobot | Roomba Combo i5 -Robot Vacuum

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The Roomba Combo i5 is a combination of a robot vacuum and mop, handling dual cleaning tasks effortlessly. The same device can clean up bread crumbs as well as muddy footprints.

Switch and Mop

Manage two cleaning tasks with one device. Vacuum the floors or attach the Roomba Combo® water tank, allowing it to both vacuum and mop hard floor surfaces.

Learns Your Cleaning Habits

The Roomba Combo® i5 learns your cleaning habits and provides personalized recommendations based on them. This includes automatic schedules or extra cleaning sessions during pollen season or when pets are shedding.

Highly Intelligent Navigation

The Roomba Combo® i5 learns the layout of your home and creates Imprint® Smart Maps. Using these maps, it cleans systematically in neat rows, vacuuming and mopping where you want, and resumes cleaning after recharging if the cleaning area is large.


Using and maintaining iRobot Roomba devices is exceptionally easy. The iRobot Home app, available in Finnish, guides you through the device’s use from installation onwards. In the app, you can set desired automatic cleaning times and areas, and you can also start the vacuum remotely, even from your workplace. The app automatically reminds you to empty the dustbin and replace filters. Did you know that you don’t necessarily need the Internet or the app to use the device? Just press Roomba’s Clean button, and your Roomba takes care of the rest.

The Key Feature of iRobot Roomba

Perhaps the key feature of Roomba robot vacuums is how they pick up dirt from floors and carpets. The non-tangle rubber brushes rotate in opposite directions under the device, effectively picking up dirt and debris from floors and carpets into the dustbin. Roomba has a powerful suction motor that draws dirt directly into the dustbin from the brushes. In various tests, Roomba’s rubber brushes have been found to be very effective, even on carpets.

Maintenance of Roomba

Robot vacuums also need maintenance and care. iRobot Roomba vacuums use patented non-tangle rubber rollers instead of traditional rotating brushes. These rubber rollers significantly reduce the entanglement of hair and pet fur. This is indeed a luxury in everyday life!

Entrances, Kitchens, and Other Messy Areas

Remember the last time you swept back and forth to clean pebbles from the entrance? Roomba does the same. Roomba can detect dirtier spots on floors and carpets, identifying small stones and debris, driving over the area several times back and forth to ensure that the floor is thoroughly clean.

Sofas, Corners, Stairs, and Other “Difficult” Places

Being under 10 cm in height, Roomba easily fits under most common furniture. A good rule of thumb is that if a regular vacuum cleaner nozzle fits under the furniture, so does Roomba. Skirting boards and corners are not a problem for the device because Roomba has a rotating side brush designed for these areas, collecting dirt in the dustbin. All Roomba models also have sensors to avoid falling, for example, down stairs.

Roomba handles normal height differences effortlessly. If there are approximately two-centimeter high skirting boards on the floor, it climbs over them easily and continues cleaning in the next room.

Hey Alexa, Google, Siri

Connect Roomba to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant compatible devices, give a command, and Roomba starts working.

We Take Cleaning Seriously

iRobot, a US-based company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing robot vacuums, has developed innovative cleaning solutions to ensure that the cleaning job is done right every time.

Live in the Moment. Not in the Mess. Roomba robot vacuums are designed to clean around your schedules and life, so you don’t have to.