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Halti | Family L RC -sleeping bag

Halti | Family L RC -sleeping bag

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Halti Family is an extremely spacious and durable sleeping bag for summer camping. The fabric of the Eco series bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. The lightweight Family sleeping bag, filled with hollow fiber, keeps you warm even on cooler summer nights.

Recommended user height: max 195 cm Weight: 1.5 kg Dimensions: 90 x 230 cm Material: 20D Mini Ripstop Polyamide made from recycled bottles, water-repellent treatment Insulation: Quattrofil 7 hollow fiber Lining: 20D Mini Ripstop Polyamide made from recycled bottles Washable in a spacious washing machine (30 °C) or by hand, delicate program and gentle tumble drying Comfort temperature (women): +8°C Limit temperature (men): +4°C Extreme temperature: -10°C

The comfort temperature refers to the lowest comfortable sleeping temperature. The comfort temperature is indicative due to individual tolerance differences. The comfort temperature is also referred to as the women’s temperature, as women tend to feel colder on average. In the limit temperature, you can still sleep comfortably if you have a proper sleeping pad, have eaten enough, and tolerate cold like an average person. The extreme temperature refers to the lowest temperature at which a person can survive overnight in a sleeping bag. Sleeping in extreme temperatures is intermittent, and a sleeping bag should not be chosen based on this temperature. Comfort and warmth in a sleeping bag can be enhanced with a proper sleeping pad, liner, and by preventing drafts and moisture accumulation in the sleeping area. Sufficient fluid and energy intake also help to stay warm.

The sleeping bag is recommended to be packed by stuffing it into its protective bag. When stored for long periods, it’s advisable to occasionally spread the sleeping bag for a day to maintain the heat retention capacity of the materials. After use, always allow the sleeping bag to dry before storage.