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Evolver | Fit Hoop Weighted Hula Hoop, Violet

Evolver | Fit Hoop Weighted Hula Hoop, Violet

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Spinning a hula hoop has never been easier! The Evolver Fit Hoop is a new type of hula hoop, also known as a smart hula hoop, which ensures an effective and fun core workout. The Evolver Fit Hoop is excellent for beginners as well because the hoop stays securely in place, and instead of the hoop, you spin around a rotating 400g weight. The hoop consists of 26 detachable parts and its size can be adjusted according to your waist circumference, up to 114 centimeters. The bumps against the skin gently massage the waist during the spinning motion, enhancing fat burning.

Since the weight distance can be adjusted with a rope, you can adjust the difficulty level and resistance yourself.

Material: ABS plastic hoop, silicone weight Max. waist circumference: 114 cm Weight: 400 g