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De’Longhi | Magnifica Evo ECAM290.22.B -Coffee Machine

De’Longhi | Magnifica Evo ECAM290.22.B -Coffee Machine

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The compact De’Longhi Magnifica Evo coffee machine is the straightforward path to the world of perfect coffee. It is designed to serve those who want to prepare their coffee quickly and easily without compromising on taste. The intuitive control panel with colored icons displays all available coffee recipes at once. Making perfect coffee has never been easier!

The integrated stainless steel coffee grinder automatically grinds the right amount of beans according to your chosen coffee recipe, ensuring you always enjoy perfectly aromatic coffee with every cup. You can adjust the coffee length, strength, and temperature. If you prefer, you can also make coffee from ground coffee.

Choose from Espresso, Coffee, or Doppio+, and all drinks can also be prepared as doubles using the x2 function. The steam recipe allows you to handle milk instantly, and your tempting Cappuccino is ready, crowned with perfect creamy foam.

With the user-friendly Magnifica Evo coffee machine, you can enjoy worry-free coffee moments. The automatic descaling and rinsing program takes care of the internal cleaning of the device, and all removable parts are easy to disassemble for cleaning. You don’t need separate cleaning agents or tablets to clean the washable coffee unit. The spacious 1.8 L water tank is easy to fill from the front of the device without moving it on the countertop. Thanks to its compact design, the machine does not take up too much space in the kitchen.


Intuitive control panel with colored icons
Customizable coffee length, strength, and temperature
Integrated, adjustable stainless steel coffee grinder with 13 settings
Selectable recipes: Espresso, Coffee, Doppio+ (x2 function for double drinks), Steam
Automatic rinsing and descaling program
Removable and washable coffee unit
Dishwasher-safe drip tray
Automatic shut-off function
Adjustable water hardness
Can make coffee from ground coffee
Technical Specifications:
Power: 1450W
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Water tank volume: 1.8 L
Bean container volume: 250 g
Adjustable dispensing spout for different cup sizes 80 – 140 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 24 x 36 x 44
Weight: 8 kg
Weight of the sales package: 10 kg